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Beauty queen on the movie screen

It’s nice to be missed 🙂 *puts on a goofy grin ala Korean heart throb Rain in Full House*

Che Sabb (aka yummy mummy) actually left a comment on my blog asking me to update it. Sorry folks, the past week was crazy busy for me, at the work and home front. How busy? Let’s just say I was completely oblivious to the fact that last Thursday was Halloween’s Day. I don’t celebrate it but I thought it was something like a week more from now *duh*. Anyway, so glad the weekend’s finally here. Weekends are when I wake up in the morning, go to youtube and watch a beauty tip video 😛

Anyway, I have been watching some videos made by Michelle P, a gorgeous American girl of Vietnamese-descent, on youtube. What I like about her videos is that they’re so easy to follow. Her instructions are clear (whether she gives them verbally or via text), the background music are oh-so spot on and the beauty items used in the videos are already in your fridge or kitchen cupboard. If you're still not clear about her beauty demos, you can always go to her blog for written instructions and other details.

Michelle’s aim is to make something simple simpler. You’ll be surprised at how she goes to great lengths to explain why putting on eyeliner through Method A is more effective than Method B (she actually drew a picture of an eye – she’s an excellent artist btw – to make her point) and that’s what’s great about her videos.

I’ve definitely learned a thing or two from her. For me, learning how to put on makeup is something that you have to watch. But the problem with most makeup demos is that they’re done by a pro on a model’s face. What real women need is makeup demos where the “pro” is putting on makeup on her (or his) OWN face – which is what Michelle does.

Believe me, having someone else put on eyeliner on my lash lines is easier than having to do it myself. I have to admit that I have read Michelle’s tip for putting on eyeliner easily somewhere before. The difference is, (a) I couldn’t visualise the steps and (b) no one told me that I don’t have to tug the skin at my outer eye and risk getting wrinkles prematurely.

So, thanks Michelle for the great tips. Makeup novices like me who haven’t seen Michelle’s youtube videos DO NOT know what they are missing.

Thanks to her, I have gone from not wearing makeup at all (for fear of looking like a clown) to wearing full makeup to work everyday (because I’ve learned a speedy way to put them on and the confidence that I won’t look like I had put on makeup in the dark/a 5-year-old who has been playing around with her mum’s makeup bag).

Looking forward to more beauty tips from her.

P/S: I’ll leave you a link to one of her videos (with narration). Happy learning!

PP/S: Here’s me in full makeup. How do I look?




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