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Today in history

I confess. I have done a bit of camwhor1ng on myspace. And yes, I did delete my myspace page about two months back because it was getting annoying. But a recent turn of events prompted me to recreate my profile, take loads of syok sendiri type of pictures and upload away.

Going back to myspace was part of my plan to make myself visible to someone who knows I exist yet pretends like I am not there [don’t ask, and no it’s not my hubby]. I think I have reached my goal.

But the thing about myspace is that it’s where the perves hang out. I have not only grabbed the attention of my target but others as well. Unwanted attention if you like. The kind of messages I got – masya Allah – you’d think I had actually flashed them or something. No such thing okay! I tak suka sexy tau (hahaha). But I can’t help it if I have sexy, come hither eyes, now can I? *lmao*.

It’s always been my policy to only add friends, people who actually know me. So, as much as I am flattered with all the attention given to me, I’ll just have to say no thanks boys!

Anyways, looks like I have a little bit of work to finish tonight. That’s what you get for daydreaming too much at w-o-r-k. Seriously, I think I have to feng-shui up my work station because I just cannot focus there. The moment I am on my laptop somewhere else *boooom* inspiration!

Talking about being inspired, I went to the gym on Monday noon. I didn’t want to push myself too hard so I walked more than I ran or, should I say, jog. I only did 5 minutes on the elliptical machine at level 2 😛

I had thought of going again this afternoon but I was way too busy with other stuff. Well, I may not have done a lot of work but I did have a couple of meetings and made phone calls. That’s part of the job too right? So, I didn’t have much to show in terms of the written word but at least I got organised.

Anywho, I had better take that shower and get cracking. That story ain’t gonna write itself, you know, Suz!

I’ll speak to you later loves.

P/S: An1s and Agus came to beraya with their twin daughters. I already forgot their names…*woops* but I will always remember their chubby cheeks! One of them actually liked me. She smiled and looked up longingly for me to pick her up. Problem is makcik tak reti pegang baby. So fail ok? Anyway…


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