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What reeks?

I was cleaning up my blog and I found this blog entry in my drafts page. I can’t be arsed to make a search as to whether I have actually posted this. If I haven’t, great – a new blogpost. But if I have, just humour me will you?

I bought per-spi-rex, an anti-perspirant product, three days ago. It’s meant for people with cronic BO problem as it can help keep the underarm completely dry (by keeping the sweat glands there dormant) until the skin on the armpit starts to shed as per normal between two and seven days later. Because of this, you need only to apply the product two to three times a week. A 15ml bottle costs RM37 – pricey. But since you only use it a few times a week, you end up saving a lot in the long run.

Now, I don’t have bad BO problem, I think friends can attest to that, but I can’t NOT use deodorants. Because otherwise I will stink – real bad!

I’m completely dependent on deodorants to the point that I get nervous when I realise that I had forgotten to use it before leaving the house. That’s why I keep another bottle in my gym bag, just in case.

But one time, after taking a shower at the gym, I realised that I forgot to stuff the extra bottle into my bag. So I had to go sans deodorant for the rest of the day. Luckily, I stayed in doors for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t be so nonchalant about it if I had to go for an assignment without “protection”.

That incident at the gym really made me think. I just had to go and get this super effective product to stop my dependency. So I went to the pharmacy and got me a bottle.

The product is only to be used at night – when the sweat glands is least active – on underarm which is completely dry. If you apply it on wet skin, you’ll experience smarting and that ain’t a pleasant feeling. If you have just shaved the area, wait for 48 hours before you apply. After applying it to your skin, you have to keep your underarm area open – like sleeping with both your plams behind pour head – so as to allow the area to dry better. It’s best that you sleep without your shirt on because the liquid can discolour fabrics. You may or many not wear a bra during this entire process 😛

The next morning, I purposely put on a slightly thick top. I didn’t experience any sweating until mid afternoon but then it was very mild and I didn’t emit any pong. Phew!

That’s the end of my problem, right? Well, not quite.My colleague RP, who was the one who tested the product for an article, said that I wasn’t suppose to sweat at all.

So I duely reapplied it that night. And as I write this, wearing..again..a thick top, I am sweat free!

I had actually e-mailed the company which produces this product, which is based in Europe, and got a reply from them within 48 hours. I had asked them if my gym session would make the product less effective on me.

Their answer (which I have duely summarised) is this:

Since I am likely to shower more times a time than people who do not exercise, I may need to reapply the product more often. But the company advised me to play it by ear… or in this case armpit .. and determine for myself my personal formula.

I think I have found it – apply it on one night and skip the process two nights after that. So far, it has worked wonderful. The only problem is, I sometimes just go to bed without applying it. Since I can’t apply it during the day, I have to put on a little bit of deodorant for those “missed” days.

I hardly notice that I go deodorant-less until I go into a changing room to try on new clothes. Why? That’s when I realise that I haven’t got any deodorant on but my underarms doesn’t stink OR have that whitish layer from most deodorants which can ruin clothes. Cool or what?

Anywho, I’m still on my first bottle. I believe that I apply the product quite liberally whenever I do but I seriously think I can stretch the 15ml bottle to December or beyond. I bought the product just before ramadhan and this is already syawal. I think I have only used up, at the most, 5ml. So stretching it to December is not a problem.

And there is my product review of pers-pi-rex.


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