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The best 6-year-old singer I have heard so far

Connie Talbot, Britain’s Got Talent finalist, sings Over The Rainbow

You absolutely must watch this video.

I watched this video one morning at the office and I cried – much like the female judge in this show – when I heard Connie Talbot sing. I was so moved by her singing. Her rendition of this classic sounded so honest, pure and innocent to me.

I still get teary eyed every time I watch this video.

I happened to see it the same morning the newspaper announced that Nurin was the girl in the gym bag.

So, I dedicate this – along with my prayers and Al-Fatihah – to her.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah. Amin.

P/S: Check this out – about Connie Talbot. For the actual article, click here

Mrs Talbot, who bought her daughter a karaoke machine because the family could not afford singing lessons, also revealed that Connie only discovered she could sing in tragic circumstances – when her grandmother, Violet, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When her grandma was really ill in bed, Connie used to sing the DVD to the Wizard of Oz to her, to cheer her up.

“It was her grandmother who first told me, ‘She’s really good, you know'”.

Following her grandmother’s death two years ago, at the age of 72, Connie sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the funeral.

“Her grandmother would have been so proud,” Mrs Talbot added. “She had her fortune told years ago and was told her she was going to have a famous grandchild – maybe that’s Connie.”

Even Simon is impressed with her.

“This girl is just special,” Cowell told the Mail last night. “I have never felt such a powerful silence in my life as when Connie sang. It was pure magic.

“She’s all over the world at the moment, this girl – she’s the number one clip on YouTube, for instance – and that’s a worldwide number one.

“She’s got a wonderful opportunity here and I’ll make a prediction that Connie will sell more records than Joss Stone this year.

8 thoughts on “The best 6-year-old singer I have heard so far”

  1. Haha… I thought I was strange for crying 🙂

    Why couldn’t you stand her performance Kamm? She’s just a little girl 😛

  2. I think her performance would make you either cringe or cry 😛 I thought it was sweet the first time, but after a few performances, the novelty wears off. Anyway, I’m not really into kids, maybe that’s why! 😛

  3. I thought she was amazing not only for her age but, also as a singer. I think people who do not like her just do not like the song “Somewhere Over the Raindow”. That is a very hard song to sing not too many people can get away with it because it is such a sweet song. I do not think Americans are used to sweet songs like that a lot. She is 7 and a half now and I think her voice has improved in even that short of a time. I loved her other songs. Kamm if you what something a little less sweet song wise her song “Imagine” by John Lennon may be better for you. People say that she is singing kid songs but, you have to remember she is a small kid her songs reflect her age. “Imagine” I think is the deepest song she sang so far. I think you may like her more if you listen to that song.

  4. Amazing talent! By the way I heard people who say that she is not pitch perfect. Yes, she is I know that for a fact she just has very little breath problems which she can improve very easily. This just shows that most people do not know what they are talking about. By the way high school and college choirs have small problems with breath and they are taking voice lessons. If that shows you at all how good she really is.

  5. wow what a kid. i wish i had that much voice control. you should hear her sing SMILE. it gives you goose bumps. it’s also on youtube.and kamm, you probably couldn’t sing the ABC SONG, so cool it on the kid. she has more talent then you or i will ever have. i wish her greatness!!!

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