Half truth or white lie?

Another current favourite

Marie Digby performing Umbrella. She’s currently working on her own album.

If you read up about her on the Internet, you would surely find some discussions about her so-called “amateur musician” status.

Well, to be fair to her, I don’t think she claimed that she was “amateur”. She wasn’t lying. She just didn’t think it was important to mention that she, in 2005, had already signed up with a record label. White lie, half truth? You decide for yourself.

I think her “fans” should have seen it coming. Heck, I should have seen it coming!

I mean, come on! With a voice and a face like THAT – and living in LA some more – you’d think no one had noticed that she had a “complete” package? People not noticing the talents of small town girl Carrie Underwood, I can understand. With Digby’s looks and her musical talent, it’s hard not to notice.

I think it’s perfectly fine for her to use Youtube to promote her talent and music. Hey, it’s the Internet. It’s a free world.

I just wish her lots of luck in the business. I’m kind of glad that she didn’t choose the American Idol path. It’s a wrong platform for her. Singing in her bathroom was the best decision she ever made 😛 She kept it real and personal. I like that.

But as a singer myself *clears throat* I have to say that I am more impressed with her musical skills than her vocal prowess. Her voice is good but not great, to quote Simon Cowell. Let’s just say Christina Aguilera would beat the crap out of her in a vocal battle. But then again, I’m a Mariah Carey fan. Anyone who doesn’t sing like Mariah or writes music like doesn’t cut it for me.

If it’s any consolation, she reminds me of Vanessa Carlton but better. At least Digby can sing. But Dibgy’s no match for Avril Lavigne yet and something tells me she has a bland personality that would make it harder to sell in LA.

So to be slightly better than Carlton – the one hit wonder girl – is not enough. Selling an album with three cover versions is also not enough.

If and when she can rise above me comparing her to Carlton and being famous for her cover version of an already hit song, she’ll make it in the industry. Or in Southeast Asia – like MLTR and M2M – where people just adore voices like hers. It’s not bad what? At least it’s an international singing career!

Anyway, good luck girl and thanks for making the words to Umbrella clearer to me 😛

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