Rooting for the other team

Out of boredom, I googled an old crush. I found his myspace page and I suspect he is rooting for the other team. I swear he wasn’t that way when we were in uni. He even dated someone briefly and if I had pursued him further – I went on one date with him – we would’ve been a couple, too.

I was attracted to him because he was/is a sweet guy. He got along with everyone and he was even liked by the lecturers. But after that one movie date, I decided he was a little boring. Not that I had a super exciting personality then – or now for that matter – but I knew that my fantasy version of him was worlds apart from the reality. So, I nipped the relationship in the bud, so to speak, and decided to turn down other ensuing dates. I was a little harsh. Everytime he asked me out, I told him I was busy and all that. I felt guilty then but I knew I had to do it. I was desparate for a boyfriend then but not THAT desparate! 🙂

So I guess it is for the best. I still have a soft spot for him, though 🙂


1 thought on “Rooting for the other team”

  1. salam suzie,

    admire u coz rajin updet entry. As one age, the experience adds up.
    People 10 years younger or 20 years younger or even friend u don’t see for sometimes, changes so much.
    Me too, I’m glad to mature now.

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