Were there signs?

To say that I was shocked to read this news is an understatement. First I read that he had been admitted to the hospital. Now this? Who would have thought?

Owen Wilson doesn’t strike me as the suicidal type. He’s so funny in all his films, you’d think he doesn’t have a care in the world off screen. Ok, he is not the No 1 comedian but he’s not doing too badly either. What I’m trying to say is, to me, his career is not reason enough to slit his own wrists or take 20 tablets of sleeping pills or whatever is was that landed him in the hospital.

Of course, everyone has his off days. Sometimes when things get rough, it’s easier to wish that the world would just stop spinning than to deal with the issue. Leaving the worries of the world by “leaving” the world seems like a good idea when problems are too much to bare. But to have suicidal thoughts — like imagining yourself jumping off a tall building — and acting on those thoughts are two different things. My question is: what could be so overwhelming and great to have caused him to attempt to take his own life?

By coincidence, I am currently reading a novel about two teenage lovers who made a suicide pact. Something went wrong and one of them survived. At where I stopped reading, both sets of parents are trying to come to terms with what had just transpired, especially with the fact that they did not see it coming. As far as they are concerned, there were no signs.

In Wilson’s case, were there signs? Only he can tell.


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