Oh Shea you’re so fine.. you’re so fine you blow my mind..

I just finished watching Disturbia on dvd and I cannot be more in crush with Shea LeBouf that I already am. *Earlier, at about 1am today, I saw Transformers again*. He’s so cute and I cannot believe he is only 21.


He was really funny in Transformers and in Disturbia, I am seeing another layer of his acting skills. He’s still hilarious when the scene requires him to be but the conviction on his face when he was kicking the serial killer’s ass to save his mom is so believable. And I loved the way his chin quivered with so much rage when the serial killer described how he would slit his mom’s throat and put the blame on Kale, his character in the movie. The emotion was kind of hard to be conveyed because his whole mouth area was covered with duct tape. So, yes, Shea is not just a comedian, he can do serious drama too.

I cannot wait to see him as the young Indiana Jones next.

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