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Kurma update

Yesterday, I sold my first box of kurma safia (safia dates)! Gosh, it feels like such an accomplishment 😛

But I’m still bad at marketing. I actually told the guy t(my first customer) hat I am not a kurma person and that I was doing it as favour for my sister. Sheesh! Thank God he is a kurma fan so I didn’t really need to persuade him to buy it.

What I should have said, though, is that although I am not a kurma person (honesty), I like this particular brand because it is tastey 😛

That’s what I should do. Because seriously, how do I expect to sell my product if I don’t even believe in it? Nope, that just won’t do. So, I vow to do a better job at marketing the kurma to the next potential customer.

It appears that people are talking about my kurma. Two people commented on my blog post on the kurma. The first is someone I know from the office. She was shocked to read that although puasa is a month away but already people are talking about buka puasa menu (alluding to the kurma). The second person came to my rescue. He/she said that, well, it’s better than buying new curtains and went on to say that kurma is healthy and can be consumed any time of the year.

All I had to say was:

I can’t agree more with you (insert name here).

On that note, marilah beramai-ramai order kurma Safia and kurma madu rotab kakak saya 😛

Tak mahalpun, only RM14 per box (500g) for kurma Safia and RM10 per box for (700g) for kurma madu rotab.

You know where to reach me! 😛

Oh… almost forgot. Someone sms-ed me just now asking for two boxes. Alhamdulillah…


It’s 4.25pm and I have sold four boxes of kurma… yay!

*A girl from BH bought two boxes of kurma (one madu, one safia) RM24
*A guy from BH bought one box of safia RM14
*my neighbour bought one box of kurma madu RM10

*yesterday a guy from production bought safia RM14



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