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Live to be 100

I went to the gym today and I have to tell ya, listening to music while working out made a world of difference.

Previously, I used my mobile phone (nok1a E70) as my mp3 player. Because my hands-free kit has two earplugs (like your regular earphones), I can enjoy good sound quality and – when a call comes in – take the call as well.

But try hanging your bulky mobile phone by your neck while brisk walking or running. By the time you’re done, your chest/set of twins will be black and blue because the phone has been hitting them mercilessly. When I try to place it on the compartment on the treadmill, my hands (coz I swing my hands while walking) will knock it. More than once did I have near accidents.

So the mp3 player comes in really handy. It’s lightweight, I can use my super-snug-and-quiet earphones with them and it can fit 250 mp3 songs. What more can I ask for?

So right now I am addicted to it. I even have the urge to play it when I am in the car with my husband and he switches the radio on or when there is a commercial break during my favourite tv show 🙂

So that’s basically all about my mp3 player – which is not an Ipod but who cares?

Oh, it just occurred to me that in 50 years, Malaysia will celebrate its 100th birthday. If I live long enough to witness that, I’d be close to 90 years old!

So starting from today, I will use this – living to see the country turn 100 – as motivation to keep myself healthy through regular exercise. Who knows, I may live to be 100 myself 🙂


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