My humble abode on the www

No wonderlah I have been receiving visits from all these “unfamiliar faces” reading and leaving comments on my blog. Rupa-rupanya I’ve been linked back on this blog.

But hey, everyone is welcome here.Thanks for your visits y’all!

Someone asked me the other day why I approved all the comments on my blog. Well, why not? Everyone has an opinion and I value their opinions. Unless they use profanity in here, all comments are alright by me! If I have anything to reply, I will. If I am lost for words, tough luck lah.

I love leaving comments on people’s blogs, too, but I prefer to only leave comments to show my support for the blogger.

Sure, I have left comments to show that I disagree with a blogger before. But as I got older, I realise that it’s kind of rude of me to do that. To me, a blog is just like someone’s home. So when we visit someone at THEIR HOUSE, good manners must be observed.

Therefore, leaving positive comments to show support for the blogger aka tuan rumah is like going to someone’s home and bringing with you buah tangan as a sign of respect and good manners.

On the other hand, leaving unpleasant comments is like taking a dump in their toilet and not flushing 😛 Macam tu lah lebih kurang….

On that note, thanks again to all visitors kerana sudi memeriahkan my humble abode di the world wide web ini. Kalau sudi, bawaklah buah tangan dan jangan lupa flush the toilet ye?


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