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If it’s not bleach, then what?

So the miniature killer is a girl. A very disturbed girl.

With the mystery of the miniature killer solved, comes the conclusion of Season 7 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations. But now I have more questions than before. If it’s not about bleach (the CSI team thought the killings were triggered by the pungent smelling cleaning agent), then what is it all about?

I think I got the part about what makes her kill. She can’t stand it when it is about the “other girl”.

When she was small, she pushed her little sister off the tree house (and to her death) because their father seemed to dote more on the little sister. But what has her jealousy got to do with Izzy Delancy (the ageing rocker who died in his kitchen) and the rest – like the couple in the place with lots of chicken coups; the psychologist who suffered from Parkinsons (or some other illness) and the old lady who collects shopping coupons?

I know someone on the Net will be able to explain this, if he or she hasn’t already done that. But I don’t know how to begin searching for the answers. Typing “how did the miniature killer choose her victims” just leads to search results of people posing the same question!

So if anyone out there can explain to me the connection between all the killings, you know where to reach me!


Most of my questions were answered by wikipedia here. Wikipedia is a lifesaver, dude! At least now I know what is the connection between the murders and also the possible triggers for the murders. But if Grissom says that the killings weren’t triggered by bleach, then what did?

Thanks wiki but I still have some questions unanswered. And yeah, I am still open to anyone who wants to discuss the finale of Season 7 with me.

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