The unmentionables

Reading this article SHOCKING PUNISHMENT: Cold, dirty penalty over sanitary pad in the newspaper today throws me right back to my secondary school days.

I attended a girl’s school from early to mid 90s. Once in a while, the issue of sanitary pads being left – accidentally or not – in the toilet would creep up. Once that happens, trust that it will be announced during the school assembly the following day.

But I have never once come across such a punishment. Perhaps my school was not close to any river or drain big enough to fit the entire school hohoho 😛

At that time, I always wondered who would be stupid enough to try and flush the dang thing into the toilet. But in the case of the said pad in Sibu, it was left on or near the toilet bowl and not yet flushed. So it could be just a case of an absentminded teenage girl who accidentally forgot to clean up after using the toilet. Teenagers can be irritating like that. 🙂

Someone in the discussion board said that after the unthinkable punishment, the offence is no longer important. I agree that the warden went too far but at least no girl in her right mind will EVER forget to clean up after herself AGAIN.

I say, a dip in dirty water is better than a surprise visit by some bloodthirsty creature in the night who’s counting on feasting on forgotten pads in quiet loos.

Ok, that’s the supersticious me talking there. I’m sorry, I listen to too many ghost stories and I will always remember the one about a girl who stayed in a hostel and bumped into a nenek kebayan sort of creature in the toilet. Turns out, someone didn’t clean and dispose of their pads properly.

It probably never happened but it scares me all the same.

Probably the warden should’ve told them this story instead hehehe 😛


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