58kg again

Gosh… penatnya hari ni.

I had two appointments in the morning before 12pm in two separate locations – near bukit tunku and serdang. Dang!

But I was lucky. I managed to arrive at the first location 15 minutes before the 9am appointment and I got a ride to go to the next one from the person whom I was to interview. Plus, I was treated to a nice buffet lunch at a hotel near serdang. Again, I am very lucky.

I just wish I wasn’t so tired. I also wish I had brought my gym clothes so that I could work off the sluggish feeling. But I didn’t have any clean track bottoms anymore. I swear I have washed them but I just couldn’t find them.

As I couldn’t find inspiration to work, I decided to surf the Net to find inspiration to exercise next week. The success stories I read on the Net are so inspiring. I am no way near as heavy as these people where when they started exercising, so technically I should have fewer problems reaching my ideal weight and body shape. But it’s so hardlah!

That’s not to say that I don’t try, though. I do. When I workout, I pay attention to my heart rate and try to reach at least 150. One of the gym instructors said that for weight management for those my age, I should maintain hr of 138. That’s too little, frankly. I wouldn’t feel challenged if I keep my hr any lower than 150. At 150 or 160, I am panting, sure, but that’s alright. At least, it makes me sweat. If I keep it at 138, I bet you I can wear my gym clothes to the gym for two days, honest, because I won’t be perspiring.

My hr reached 180 on the elliptical machine on Wednesday, which is a first time for me. After the 30-minute cardio (on the treadmill and elliptical), I did another 40 mins or so of some yoga poses for the entire body that I memorised. I was pretty knackered after that!

Oh, before I went to shower, I weighed myself and I am back to 58 kgs. That’s weird considering that I have not been going to the gym regularly since coming back from Sabah.

Anyway, I did the same routine yesterday and left the gym feeling tired but satisfied.

Too bad I can’t go today. Oh well… life doesn’t revolve around the gym. Besides, there is always next week.

I’m still not in the mood to write so I had better make some phone calls for my appointments next week. Later!

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