Guess what happened today?

I went to the gym during my lunch break today. I really had to push myself today but I’m happy to report that I completed 30 minutes of cardio and another half an hour of strength training (ab crunches, squats, bicep curls).

I know the number on the weighing scale doesn’t matter but I can’t help but to be bothered when the arrow on scale won’t budge below 59.5kg when stand on it. What’s up with that? Could I be gaining muscle? But my arms and thighs still jiggle! Grrr!

Anywho, I finally called in to enquire about the karaoke contest and club membership forms. The girl said she doesn’t have them with her but will e-mail them to me soon. Alrighty then.

I was discussing with d3ll the other day about which song I should pick. I told her I’d like to try Lang1t Ke-7 aka ayah p1n’s theme song hehehe. Don’t get the joke? Google ayah pin. D3ll also told me that she has followed a lot of karaoke contests and finalists who sing this song and Pudar always come out top. Ye ke? Well, I’ll just practice them (and a bunch of other songs) and see which one works.

Oh, had dinner with J, A, Princess and husband (mine not hers) at n1rwana. It’s always fun having meals and sharing jokes and swapping gossip among friends.

Well, I better get cracking on that story for this week, due tomorrow. Later!

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