Running a business ain’t easy ya know!

I just found out that a relative’s business of selling teeny weeny cakes has been facing some criticism. I won’t go into details but suffice to say that their customers get really, really excited by the pictures of the product they see on the official website. But for some of them, at least the ones who blog about it anyway, their excitement soon turns to disappointment because when they open the pretty package, they see that the result is er… “indah gambar khabar dari rupa”.

I suppose in business, you are bound to gather fans (people who are completely happy with your services) and haters (people whom you just can’t please, no matter what you do). You can’t please everyone but you try your best to keep everyone happy and pray that the ones who aren’t will chose to inform you of their “unpleasant” experience instead of carrying the horror stories to their friends.

Like a sign I saw on the door of a cybercafe once: Kalau tak bagus bagitau saya, kalau bagus bagitau kawan (If (the service) is lousy, let me know, if the service is great, let your friends know).

Complaints from customers are not something to be taken lightly. So you can’t exactly turn to them and say, “You weren’t quite happy with the product? Well, tough luck!

I wish her all the best in her business because they do have good products and an excellent clientele/following.

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