Nak masuk ke tak nak ha? Hadiah dia menarik jugak.

The National Press Club, in collaboration with DIGI, is organising the annual karaoke contest, this time to be held on July 9, 10 and 13.

It will consist both solo and duet categories.

On July 9 and 10, we will narrow the playing field by selecting 10 soloists and 5 duet teams to compete again at the finals on July 13.

The preliminary rounds will be held at The National Press Club at Jalan Tangsi, while the finals will be held at D’ House at DIGI’s headquarters in Shah Alam.

Who does not want more cash in the wallet? Thus, NPC and DIGI are offering these attractive cash prizes for the top three winners of both categories:

First prize: RM500  and an IPod

Second prize: RM300 and a mobile phone

Third prize: RM200 and a mobile phone

Winners will represent the NPC at the Inter-Club Karaoke Competition as well as the Inter-Asean Media Club Games to be held in September and November, respectively.

Supporters who come along to cheer on their friends at D’ House on July 13 stand a chance to win great prizes in a lucky draw. 

Please contact me, xxxxx from the xxx News Desk, for entry forms. Contact details are as below:

Ext: xxxx

Email: xxxx@xxx.com.my

Mobile: xxxxxxxx


Note to participants

*closing date for entry forms is June 30. Please enclose a participation fee of RM20 for soloists and RM40 for duets with the completed entry form.

* karaoke participants must be NPC members. To become a member please contact xxxx.

* open only to amateurs (meaning non-recording artistes and full-time performers or anyone who has been paid to sing).

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