Take me for a spin

I have been thinking about driving again. The last time I tried getting my license, I had to put it on hold to go to Japan. That was three years ago.

It’s during moments like these that I think that the idea of a lesen terbang isn’t so bad 🙂 Lesen terbang refers to the driver’s license which you get as a result of bribing the people who run the driving school. Of course I don’t intend to resort to bribery. That would be wrong and illegal. 🙂

I am still thinking about it. I remembered that I didn’t do too badly when I was learning to get my license. I was actually quite close to going for the test because I was already learning for about a month. I did the whole driving up a hill and stopping on the yellow line, three-point turns and a few rounds on the road with me on the driver’s seat. I think I can go back to doing that again…

Now, all I have to do is to find the time. July sounds good, no?

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