My inspiration

This morning, I got a call from the PA of my contact. She told me that my contact will only be able to reply to my questions – which I had sent on Monday – AFTER he comes back from Tha1land. I would have broken into hives due to stress in the past upon hearing news about “glitches” like these, but not today my friend! My level of endorphin right now is way too high for me to be stressed out about things I can’t control.

It gives me the peace of mind to handle anything that comes my way. If I ever get too lazy to hit the gym, I have this example to remind me why I need my daily dose of the gym.

I read this passage on prevention.com the other day, written by B0b Gr33n (0prah’s personal trainer once-upon-a-time, I assume):

I remember the first time I worked out with 0prah 15 years ago–she hated it. But exercise is the reason she’s been able to keep off 90-plus pounds–and that’s why she keeps at it. You can learn to stay motivated, too.

One of the advice given was to place an item that would motivate you to workout in full view. It could be a dress that you’re hoping to slip into again or a picture of a late family member who died of an illness. These items will remind you of why you are hitting the treadmill for even when you’d rather not.

In my case, I just need to think of my sister who is recovering from breast cancer to be inspired. Cancer runs in my family but I don’t need to be a victim, to quote what the r3ctor of Petshop’s uni said the other day. By exercising regularly, I am helping myself to avoid being a statistic.

I may not be able to go to the gym tomorrow because of work but that’s alright. There is plenty of time next week, when I have deadlines to meet which means I’ll really need that dose of feel-good hormone called endorphin 🙂

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