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Business trip

I don’t have a lot to say today, except that lazy weekends like this is rare for me. I didn’t switch my laptop on until a few hours ago; that is certainly rare 😛

Princess wanted to see more pictures from the trip. Here they are, taken using my phone.

P/S: Please click on individual pictures to enlarge. Sorry they are a bit small. If I set them any larger, they’ll overlap and mess up the side bar on the right.

A scene at the Tom Bradley Intl Aiport. Notice how big the American flag is and it is not the only big flag in the airport. You should see the custom clearance area.

A view from the international terminal at HKIA.

Beijing anyone? A scene at HKIA.

Coffee and lunch (box) at the pressroom.

The hotel I stayed in.

Another scene at the HKIA.

A partially-hidden sign of the Tom Bradley Intl Airport

My only memento of Arizona where I boarded a flight to LA on the way back home.

I couldn’t afford to buy this keychain, so I took a picture of it!

That’s all the pictures I have of my trip. Hope you enjoyed it!


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