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Blogging from the office

My second day at work.It’s not so bad, considering I just got back from the States on Monday.

I finished an article for this week on Tues night. I have to hand in another one for next week by Tues also. I just shoot off an e-mail to 1ntel Tha1land with the questions for the students who won the grand prize of the 1ntel 1sef. The folks who sponsored the students’ trip to the States is organising a PC for them tomorrow and 1ntel T will get them to answer the questions, to be e-mailed back to me on Monday. Judging by the how fast they replied to my request, I think I can trust them to meet their “deadline” 😛

Now that I have that out of the way, I SHOULD use this time to transcribe the wav files for my next story. But noooo, here I am blogging this.

So what’s new since I last blogged? Jord1n won the Amer1can 1dol title. Blah, not that I care. As I have said before, this is my least favourite season of ALL time. I stopped caring the moment Mel1nda got the boot.

Anything else? Well, apparently I have lost weight! Pat on the back for me. It must be the vegetarian dishes and fruits that I have been consuming when I was in the States. Well, losing weight was the least of my intention. But I think the visit to the hotel gym and drinking lots of water had something to do with it too.

Did I tell you I went to the gym at Hy_att_R3gency Abq? Yep, twice too and I worked out for about 40 minutes on both times. I discovered that somehow, a level 3 on a treadmill in the US is actually a level 4 on the treadmill at the office. I just walked on an incline on the treadmill and did maybe 20 minutes of cycling or elliptical machine. I decided to exercise when I was there so that I would have the energy to concentrate on work during the day as well as to sleep better at nights. I suppose it worked.

So now I should start going to the gym again here. I already have my NM state uni water bottle which was in my “goody bag” to bring to the gym. That should be enough motivation 🙂

Well, better get cracking on my next story. Later!

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Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

2 thoughts on “Blogging from the office

  1. salam suzie,
    My 2nd daughter likes to go for long walks when she is tired.
    Get tired to get rid of tiredness…anjakan paradigma or paradoxical huh?

  2. Haha… it does sound weird but that is what I have read. I think it is the crankiness/moodiness that comes with being lethargic that were are trying to get rid of by making ourselves tired 🙂

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