Reporting from Abq

I have two words to describe downtown albuquerque on a saturday. DEAD BORING. No offense but it’s practically a ghost town here.

I went for a walk today just to see the area around my hotel. I walked quite a distance in two opposite directions. But because I didn’t see any shops that were open, I headed back to the hotel.

(view from the hotel room)

How can I best describe this town? Okay, try a Hollywood studio set of a town or city when no one is shooting. Or movie scenes of downtown New York in Vanilla Sky, when there is not a single soul to be seen and cars are left on the streets with the doors open and no one inside. Okay, maybe not that bad.

There are far too few motorists around that it makes me feel uncomfortable to walk the streets. I do see cars passing by but not often enough. I mean, even my rural hometown has more cars, ok? *lol* That scares me because what if I get accosted by someone on the street and there is no one to help me? Although I probably don’t need to worry about it because there were too few passers-by to begin with.

I can see from my window that there are more people and traffic outside. I’m tempted to join them but American Pie II is on TV and I haven’t seen this silly movie. If it had been a more exciting place, like the hotel I stayed in in Brisbane, I wouldn’t hesitate to go out. The nearest mall is some 6 miles away and the cab ride will probably be at least $10. I went to the Old Town yesterday with the reporters from Pakistan and India and bought some souvenirs – like key chains and stuff – there. And the cab fare was in total $22 to and fro. Not worth it!

Anyway, there is one hour left … no make that 55 minutes left to check out time. I have packed everything and even bought some chocolates from the nearest 7-11, which is equally dead and boring. I have pretty much ticked all my to-do list here, except search for the cassette my brother wanted me to get. But how can I? I haven’t been to the nearest mall. I remembered that I also wanted to look for Elliot Yamin’s CD but looks like I’ll just have to forget it.

Oops… time for me to check out of the room already. See you in Phoenix, AZ!


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