May vs me

What does this month have against me? I managed to piss off one too many people this week. I won’t mention names, you figure it out for yourself.

Firstly, a contact got angry because of a n honest mistake that I made. Please do not ask me for the details because they’re too painful for me to even remember.

I thought everything was fine after I had apologised profusely. But no! A day later, the emotionally-charged e-mail came. My sympathy quickly turned to anger. How dare she write what she wrote!

I contemplated not replying to the e-mail but then thought that ignoring it would probably make it worse. So, with all the professionalism that I could muster (at a time when I was ready to beat the crap out of the person), I wrote an apologetic e-mail laced with “now, look here lady” tones.

Then she wrote back. The content of her e-mail literally revealed to me how neurotic and insecure she really is. After that e-mail, I decided this drama just isn’t worth my time. I deleted it and that was that.

Secondly, I managed to look incompetent at work today for failing to make everything “perfect”. There were holes in my work; I didn’t ask the right questions and the illustrations were not attractive enough. I know I should have done better but it’s not like I didn’t try!

I believe that in my line of work, a good job is not just down to good writing skills. In most cases, it is really down to luck. Sometimes without even trying, a story writes itself. At other times, despite out best efforts, things just don’t work out!

At times like these, I wish someone would tell me, “hey girl… it’s okay. It’s not your week but try again. Better luck next time!” instead of, “You should have done better!”

After all, after a string of great jobs, doesn’t someone deserve a “bad week”?

Perhaps the two people expected me to bend over backwards to get things going their way. Guess what? I already tried and it didn’t turn out the way I had planned them. One of them was probably expecting me to apologise. Guess again because I don’t intend to. Why? Because I am through pleasing others. Just this once, I want to please ME and meet my own standards. If it didn’t reach yours, well, too bad because it ain’t my problem.


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