I would not have wasted my time and breath

I always thought that people in companies like 1ntel are very hardworking. But I discovered a very senior officer there who is lazy. I sent out some questions on Friday and had hoped to get an answer by today. I thought that that was a realistic enough deadline. Come Monday, the person who was supposed to provide me with the answers is not ready with it. Nasib baik I sent an e-mail to remind them.

And guess what? The answers did come on Monday night BUT they were complete rehash of the press release which is, frankly speaking, very convoluted.

Baik tak payah! Hampeh betul.

The only positive thing I can extract from the experience is that I at least have someone to quote. But if I knew that the answers would be copied from something I ALREADY have, I would not have wasted my breath and time. Geram betul!!

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