Happy Anniversary Suz13 and Far1dz!

So pitiful…sampai kena wish diri-sendiri happy anniversary.

So yes, as of yesterday, Far1dz and I have been married for a year. A YEAR? Wow, that fast?

We had a really low key celebration. We went to Secret Recipe (how romantic…*yawn*) a few hours ago for dinner and had desert – mine Choc Mud Cake and his NY Cheese. The first half of the day, I was in my hometown Tg Tua*lang visiting my parents. Far1dz couldn’t come because he had a meeting on Saturday.

I wish I could tell you more but that was all we managed to do on our anniversary. I wish we could have gone on a long break but no such luck because this week – despite the long holiday – seems to be my busiest week yet. With 4 stories due, what do you expect? I am frankly a little stressed out right now but what can I do about it except to grin and bear it. What’s the point of driving myself insane with work that is ALWAYS going to be there anyway?

It’s getting late so I better go to sleep. When half of the office will be on leave tomorrow, I will be in the office finishing up my articles. The only good thing I can think of about coming to work tomorrow is that there will be less phone calls to answer, faster Internet access and less people at the gym. Always look on the bright side, as they say 🙂

Speaking of focusing on the positive, I read a feature article on a book called The Sec*ret, which is at the No 1 spot of non-fiction section of M*P*H. I was very curious about the book after I read some of the “testimonial”. It was not a particularly brilliantly written article but the testimonies were enough to entice anyone gullible enough to pick up the book which costs RM60. I might get myself a copy, actually.


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