Read your dictionary much?

I don’t think I thank God enough for blessing me with the talent to do what I do for a living. Although writing articles can be so much agony, attending functions and interviewing people can be a joy (really!). The best part it I learn sooo much from them.

Today, I went to the launch of the special edition of a not-so-compact advanced learners malay-english dictionary and got the dictionary for free. *woohoo*!

My dictionary has that brand new smell to it and also feels so incredibly firm – old dictionaries can be so limp that they can’t stand on their own. Hey, that last sentence sounds pornographic!

Apart from the dictionary, the doorgifts came with special booklets on anthony s hornby, the legend of bilingual dictionaries. I haven’t read my copy but I will and as soon as I have, I will blog about it.

I also met the woman lexicographer behind the english-malay dictionary. I listened as she regaled me with stories of how she took her translation materials (for the dictionary) with her on planes en route to international conferences. Wow is all I can muster right now 🙂

I just wrote my name, contact details and the date that I got it on a blank page on my dictionary. Hopefully no one steals it 😛 Alhamdullah, so far none of my things have gone missing from the office. Hope things stay that way!

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