For xxxx sake, put some clothes on will you!

I never thought anyone could sing a JLo song worst than her (JLo – the singer with mediocre singing ability and whose voice has a tendency to break mid-live performance).

HS must have thought that she did one helluva job performing that song. Well, one good thing about it was that she looked like she had fun performing it. Her self-confidence was sky high and she was “working” it. Good for you H!

But, who are we kidding? You’ve outlasted the contest more than anyone expected you to. And before you even think of getting even with Simon for saying what he did, let me tell you that he’s only saying what the audience is thinking. (At least what I have been thinking since you donned your first short in the Top 11 week).

So, yeah, continue to have fun on stage and enjoy the American Idol 6 ride because you are certainly not in the driver’s seat in this competition.

clipped from www.youtube.com
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