Haley Scarnato – Ain’t Misbehavin’

I remember that a few weeks ago, Haley dedicated the song “Missing You” to her fiance, whom she “misses a lot” since being in the show.

Now, lo and behold, she’s singing the song Ain’t Misbehavin – which is about being loyal to only one person – and she wants to add the words “..and you, and you oh and you too” to the song just so she could flirt with (men in) the audience. What is up with that?

Thank you Tony Bennet for pointing it out and advising her against it. Has all the wolf whistles, the compliments to her long legs gone to her head? What happened to missing her fiance?

Yet during the performance, she actually added “oh and you” when she could have just said, “yes, just you!”.

I really hope she’s next (to be kicked out of the competition). Ain’t Misbehavin’ was a self-indulgent performance, IMHO. She actually has a very powerful set of pipes which she just doesn’t know how to use. What a waste of space!


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