Token of appreciation

My token bonus is in!

Last week, people at the office were gossiping about a memo sent out about some “token bonus”. Apparently,only selected people who have supposedly done a good job last year would be rewarded with the token bonus. I was too busy to look at the memo. Having work for my company for six years, I know that bonus payments take ages.

To my surprise, a handsome sum was banked in to my account today! All I want to say is alhamdulillah (thank you Allah) for the extra cash. It cannot come at a better time.

I have spent a little on myself *hehehe *. I bought two new pair of Shar0n H shoes – a brand that I have never bought before. One is a sandal with butterfly motfif and the other is a three inch black heels. Haven’t bought one of those in a loooong time!

Then, I revisited Message where I bought my black shirt dress and two pairs of black tops (note to Kamm: one of them I wore when I went to see you at Concord recently ). As with other shops, Message also had a sale. I bought a grey top with lots of black rhinestones for 50% off – original price was RM99 and a pair of trousers (shin-length) which comes with a ribbon belt. (Note to Kamm: it’s not as short as your Gap shorts you wore when I saw you, but the design is similar). I’m so glad they shop has it in my size (L).

I plan to save the rest of the money for emergency. My husband and I don’t save enough as it is but al-hamdulillah, now we have the means (extra cash) to do so.

But we are taking steps to save little by little. Last week, I signed up for a 10-year savings plan with May_bank where about RM75 will be deducted from my account. If I live to celebrate my 39th birthday, I will get to see the RM9000+ (if I am not mistaken). But in the event that something happens to me before I turn 39, then my penama will get the money in monthly installments. Quite good huh?

Well, I’m off to read up on how to make my money work for me *lol*

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1 thought on “Token of appreciation”

  1. Well done!! I’ve been saving money for long term for more than a year now, and gutted that I hadn’t done it sooner. It’s quite addictive now 😛

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