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I’d like to thank Haley Scarnato for…

I’d like to thank Haley Scarnato for screwing up Cindy Lauper’s True Colours. Thank you for digging your own grave, for voting yourself out of the competition. I appreciate it very much. You don’t know how much that means to me! *lol*

Also, thank you to Gwen Stefani for telling it like it is (btw, is it me or does she look a little different than usual? She seemed to have lost a lot of weight). True Colours is one of those songs that should be sung with as much vulnerability as possible. It needs no drama. It just needs large doses of honesty.

Thanks to the judges for pointing it out too. Let’s just hope that America agree with me and them. [At least I know the people agree with me] *very pleased with myself*

While I’m on the subject of Haley, may I add that, while she has great long legs, she can’t really pull of short dresses like the one she wore tonight. Her legs aren’t shapely enough. They actually look like they belong to a skinny cross-dresser. She should probably try dresses which don’t hug the figure too much. IMHO, the dress she wore tonight made her look like Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder – cute if you are in the year 1990.

I know she is aiming for the sexy, sultry look but the tight dresses are actually backfiring. Instead of showing off her slender shape, they actually accentuate her lack of curves – at the waist and legs. Let’s be honest here, apart from being pastey, her legs aren’t exactly Shape magazine model-standard.

(Haley in a previous concert. Picture courtesy of

Next time — if there is a next time — try a dress that’s more summery or looser and maybe an inch longer. It’ll probably even buy you a couple of more weeks in the show.

Now, moving on to other contestants. I actually like Phil’s rendition of I’ll Be watching You. It’s not too different from the original yet it’s refreshing. Love his riffs.

Melinda just sang Heaven Knows. Forget what Simon said, I think it’s great! Definitely my second favourite performance next to W.O.M.A.N.

What was Blake thinking when he chose Lovesong? Nice song for when you’re making out, not trying to win the American Idol title.

I think Jordin has a great voice but I can’t get past her sugary-sweet-giggly-teen-act. I’m frankly a little tired of it. She’s acting like precocious 11-year-old, she’s not you know. She’s 17., so grow up. Anyway, she was quite pitchy performing No Doubt’s Hey Baby – I’m surprised she found the song a little vocally challenging. But I like her riffs towards the end of the song. Quite original, I must say. But her outfit was totally wrong! I heard plaid is back but surely we don’t have to bring it to the AI stage?? *pleading*

That was all the performances that I manage to catch. Guess I’ll just have to view the rest (especialy Chris Richardson’s) on youtube

Take care everyone. Night!

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