From AI to AF

I saw T1rai A*F a few nights ago, just when the girls were having heart-to-heart discussions with a moderator. It was more of a brawl really because it was so noisy and chaotic, I just had to turn off the tv.

But before I did, I remembered thinking that one of the girls – who making the most noise and was basically cutting off what people were saying – looked really familiar.

Turns out that I DO know her. We entered the karaoke competition organised by that hotel. In fact, we auditioned together and she sang How Do 1 L1ve. I remember she spoke good english (apparently, she works for a radio station) but her singing was a little bland. I thought she sounded not so great because she was nervous.

*She also made it to the top 12 but she didn’t win. I was the first runner-up and went home with RM700 worth of shopping vouchers hehe.

So it ‘s funny to see her as one of the contestants of A*F. I was looking forward to seeing her perform at the first concert last night. Suddenly, I heard the announcer say that she has backed off from the contest. I was so curious and decided to dig up the dirt on the Internet.

Apparently, she has her own nud3 photos circulating on the Internet ala Antonella Barba. (She denied posing nude of course) Plus, she has been bawling her eyes out for the oddest reasons – missing her cat was one of them. Apparently, she couldn’t hack it and opted to leave the house of A*F altogether.

No offence to her but I think these A*F kids are really childish. Granted they are only 18 and all but please lah, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. So if you can’t bear to be separated from your loved ones because you’ll be homesick and all, DON’T audition in the first place

Well, good luck to her!

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