Good or bad: you be the judge

Firstly, bye bye to Brandon who got kicked out as everyone had predicted. Just so you know Brandon, it wasn’t so much that you forgot the lyrics but your lack of enthusiasm for the competition that got you kicked out.

Anyway, I tried embedding the Haley Scarnato’s video but couldn’t. So, I have decided to just put up the link here. Just click here and you’ll be taken to the page.

I see a lot of people backing her up and I don’t know why. I saw the video three times and am still not impressed. I agree she can sing but so can Mandissa and she what happened to her. Got kicked out after two weeks in the finals. I have a strong feeling Haley will end up just like Mandissa.

Some people have the cheek to compare her to Katherine MacPhee. Eh, tolonglah! (Oh, please!). I couldn’t stand Kat last season either but I’ll be the first to admit that she’s got one hell of a voice.

I personally think she deserves to stay longer than Sanjaya but if she actually does, I’ll be VERY surprised. Because that would mean that she has more fans than that scrawny kid which is totally absurd because we know that the entire Hello Kitty! voters are rooting for him. Besides, the poll of Jennifer’s blog clearly states that people predicted/wanted her to leave even BEFORE Brandon. Now how bad is that?

I’m curious to know what Jennifer actually thinks about Haley. Because if she likes her than no, we can’t be “best friends” anymore *lol*. [Just kidding Jennifer, if you’re reading this :)]

Now, why am I devoting so much time writing about her? That’s a cue for me to pack up and go home. See ya later, alligator!

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2 thoughts on “Good or bad: you be the judge”

  1. Hmmm. Haley.

    She’s a pretty girl. I’ll bet she would be a hit at Disney. She should never have been put through to the 24, much less to the 12. My exact words about her audition performance, way back when? “Adequate.”

    Are we still friends?

  2. After that comment, YES we are still friends *lol*

    P/S: Thanks for dropping by. Knowing that you dropped by and left a comment made my day. I’m a huge fan of your blog. Ooops, now I sound like a stalker 😛

    K. Take care!

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