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Oh what a (bad) night!

I am catching the repeat of American Idol now. Ryan just made his entrance and OMG the stage looks exactly as I remember it. Aah, brings back a lot of good memories.

But what is this I hear about two contestants making booboos on the very first stage of the finals? Idol finalists forgetting lyrics?? How appalling!

I don’t remember ever seeing 2 contestants forget their lyrics in 1 concert. And guess what happens to the ones who do? They get to go home early. Yeay! And they can join the likes of Melissa McGhee. The American Idol viewers can be unforgiving when it comes to these things. Unless your name is Sanjaya. If so, you can trip and fall and still stay in the contest *lol*

Anyway, the theme tonight is Diana Ross. She looks lovely for her age – whatever that is?!

Brandon Rogers just performed “You can’t hurry love” and screwed up BIG time (and I mean B-I-G, like Diana Ross’ hair) because he forgot his lyrics. He spaced out for like a second or two. But the thing is, even if he hadn’t forgotten the words, his performance wasn’t salvageable. He was obviously very nervous and nerves got the better of him. Safe to say that everyone wasn’t happy with it.

What do I think: I was embarrassed for him. I really was! *Cringe*

Then Melinda came out and made a boring (and lesser known) Diana Ross’ song sound totally fresh and inspiring. Paula cried and Simon laughed (at Paula for crying. He is mean! *laughs*) but said that Melinda reminds him of Gladys Knight. Whatever you say Simon.

My take: I’m going to repeat what Randy said, it wasn’t my favourite performance of hers. But she still did her thing. And that’s always a good thing.

Chris Sligh can’t help but to point out the similarity between his corkscrew hair and Miss Ross’s. He wanted to be creative and edgy with my ultimate favourite love song – Endless Love” and didn’t quite get the desired effect.Even Paula didn’t have anything comforting to say.

Me?: I thought the arrangement had potential but it sounded mostly weird. It actually reminded me of that rock song by Coldplay. It was, as Simon would put it, uninspiring.

Gina Glocksen said she loved the song Love Child since she was four, can you believe that? Anyway, it was very boring, self-indulgent in fact. Again, the judges couldn’t find anything good to say about it. As Simon put it succinctly – it’s neither good nor bad. My opinion: I still don’t like her. Enough said.

Sanjaya is looking more and more like a girl, I tell you. He is so adik-adik (nancy). And why did he let the stylist do his hair like that? Did they think that by making his hair like Diana Ross, he’ll sing better (like Diana)? I dunno. Sanjaya does it again – sing badly that is. This time he ruined Aint No Mountain. No energy at all and pitching problems EVERYWHERE! My take: He’ll still be around.

– Commercial break. Thinking to self: this is the worst American Idol show EVER! –

Oh, Hailey is being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest. I CANNOT wait for her to slip up. I am so going to love this 😛 She says she is singing “Missing You”. Diana says Hailey has a recording studio voice rather than a concert voice. Hailey says she wants to have fun on stage. I will have fun listening to her fumble *hehe* Is she swallowing her words because she is not sure of the words? Randy caught her booboo and pitching problems. She manages to hold her tears back. Then Paula starts to tell her how good she looks – which is what she says when she doesn’t have anything else to say – *lol*. Then, Simon decides to flirt with her and say that it wasn’t as bad. He loved her stage presence but hopes that she would get a hold of her nerves. Then, she starts to cry… as I had anticipated.

Now why did Simon have to do that – say nice things? I can’t stand Hailey (I don’t think her voice is all that great) and hope she gets kicked out. I will post her video her to remind myself that NO, she DID NOT DO WELL. *lol*

I am so glad that a lot of people think that Hailey deserves to go to. Check out the results of this poll!

-Commercial break-

Phil has got to wear a hat. His bald head is so shiny, it’s distracting. But what a voice! I love it. But the judges weren’t so impressed. What’s the matter with them? *Sigh*

Lakisha Jones aka Kiki does a Billy Holiday song which Diana Ross remade. She was consciously toning it down. Well, this is a Billy Holiday song. Kiki followed Diana Ross’s advice about the kind of dress she should wear – a simple long and flowing dress – and she looked so classy in it. Again, I notice how she sings with so much feel and passion. Like she’s telling a story with her voice. I like her in this song. Not her best performance but I still like it. My take: I completely agree with the judges. She just has IT.

Stephanie Edwards chose Love Hangover and everyone had a hangover listening to her – but not the sweet kind that she’s singing about. I still hate her Beyonce imitation. And that performance proved to everyone that she’s just a wannabe and definitely NOT in the league of Melinda and Lakisha.

Chris Richardson is really cute. But that performance (The Boss) was dreadful. The vocals was b-a-d. With that song, he proved that he’s just a cheap copy of Justin Timberlake.

Jordin Sparks does the Land Before Time song. I love this song. It’s not the most exciting song – it can be boring – but she did alright. She could carry it but it’s too kiddish for me. She must have chosen it because she grew up watching the animated movie. The judges just lapped up her performance. I still don’t get it. I think Siti Norhaliza would have sung the song better, even with her atrocious English pronunciation.

So the show is finally over. To sum it up, it was the worst Idol first final performance EVER! It felt like it was never going to end. Hope everyone clean up their act next week. Otherwise, I’m just going to watch the videos on Youtube rather than catch the show on tv.

It’s late. Night everyone!

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