Petty arguments are just that – petty. Such arguments – over who is right and wrong for instance – should not go on more than 20 minutes. But when it lasts longer than that, it becomes a problem, dangerous even. Because what started out as minor and petty turn ugly and divisive when it is not resolved quickly.

Some people I know are unfortunately so fond of petty arguments. It’s both funny and annoying. It’s funny because they get fired up about nothing. But it’s annoying because they allow it to grow, become bigger than it actually is or should be. It’s not even over politics or social issues – things worth having arguments over.

The second annoying thing about it is that even the bystanders decide to jump in and take sides, when it doesn’t even have anything to do with them.

It doesn’t happen a lot but it’s too often by my standard. Sometimes I feel like yelling and shaking each one of them and say – enough already! Don’t you see that it’s not even important, not even worth your time and energy?

No one in the group even knows how to argue intelligently! There is no, “I see your point but…”. All based on emotions. Sigh… what a waste of time… *roll eyes*

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