Bad wedding favour ideas

I am all for creativity and innovation but please, not to the point of self-indulgence ya?

Since when does a picture of the bride and groom qualify as a wedding favour? What happened to the good ‘ol bunga telur or sweets for that matter?

Now, my parents in law just came back from a wedding in Ampang. It’s the second marriage for the groom and he’s still married to another woman and they have kids together. The bride is apparently fresh out of college. There is probably a good 20 year gap between them.

As it is mom in law is already very biased about the wedding. But she and dad i.l attended the wedding anyway seeing that the groom is a “friend”. But she was really cheesed off with the “wedding favour” which is a red greeting card with a 4R sized ccf bridal studio photo of the “newly weds” attached. Like, for real?

If the guests wanted a picture, they would take it with their own cameras, thank you very much!

So take it from me, people know that it’s your big day but don’t over do it. Like Simon Cowell said, “too self-indulgent. I’d book my flight tickets tonight if I were you…” lol!

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