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Let the (real) competition begin…

The AI semi-finals is OVER. Thank god for that!

So, America finally came to their senses and realised that Antonella has no business being in the Top 12 line up. But they weren’t really thinking straight when they (a) choose to keep Sanjaya in the contest and (b) decided Hailey was a better, more deserving singer than Sabrina (translation: they kicked out Sabrina and kept Hailey).

Now why would they do that? To spite the judges probably, especially Simon. Because Simon always has a bone to pick with Hailey. I don’t blame him.

But my guess is they’ll soon realise that they made a mistake. I predict she will be the next Lindsey Cardinale and what’s her face Melissa McGhee (the first person to be kicked out from the Top 12 – which I think is more painful than being booted out at the semis. Because you’re almost in and then you have to and pack up your bags again). And Sanjaya will be the next chicken little Kevin Covais. Now, Sabrina’s not my favourite but I believe she has a better chance of surviving the show than Hailey. Granted that Hailey makes less pitching mistakes then Sabrina. I guess Sabrina shoulda cleaned up her act a long time ago.

Anyway, the dye has been cast. I have decided that my favourites are Melinda and Chris. But if it ever came down to just the two of them, which I don’t think is going to happen, I’ll have to go with Melinda.

I’m probably going to give tonight’s results show a miss. I won’t miss much, except Carrie performing her song. Well, there is always youtube for that 🙂

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