Like Tommy Page but worst

I almost forgot that the music cd has been in my bag all night. So on the way to work, I popped it into the cd player and had a listen. Can I say I was slightly disappointed? The music is not half bad, quite good actually. But the singing… oh, the singing is not what I had expected. It was not good, it was bad. My husband sounds better actually and sometimes he messes up songs too *lol*.

What do I tell this boy the next time I see him. He’s sure to ask me my opinion of the CD. Should I tell him the truth? Oh, I can’t do that. Should I say, I enjoyed the music – and conveniently forget to comment on the singing? This is harder than I thought. This guy is already used to hearing people say, hey good job. Keep it up! How can I dent his ego by saying, actually, you should just stick to playing musical instruments.

Some people may think that his voice is ok but by my standard, na’ah… he doesn’t cut it. Hey, Far1dz thought he sounded bad as well. His voice is not even cute bad, like the lead singer to Ash – the band famous for Girl From Mars. His voice was bad but cute… like a little boy singing. This one? Like Tommy Page but worst. Like 2x worst.

Oh, I better stop. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all… 😛

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