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Woops! I almost dropped my baby and that’s why I need a gun?!

I remember Britney being chastised for putting her son on her lap WHILE driving. But I don’t remember reading about her “almost” dropping her child.

I was reading someone’s blog yesterday when I saw an ad which said something like, The Best Videos of Britney A Her Worst”. Immediately I youtubed it and found the video.

If you can’t watch the video (for reasons like the Internet connection’s too slow), at least make time to read the comments. One of those who commented said along the lines of “oh, we don’t know if she was actually pushed”.

Oh puhlease! She terpelecok (now what is this word in English, anyone?) that’s what. It was quite obvious that NO ONE pushed her. It’s quite natural to terpelecok, especially women when they wear heels. But who on earth wears heels when carrying a toddler???

I bet Britney WAS wearing heels. As far as I can remember, she has never been snapped by the paparazzis wearing flats. 😛

Thank God for the bodyguard who broke her fall because otherwise… she would have jatuh tergolek on the street WITH her baby. Kesian Sean Preston…! And what’s with the drink in her hand? And her outfit??

After she terpelecok, she must have felt really embarrassed. To make herself feel… I dunno… better or something, she blurted out something totally irrelevant – “This is why I need a gun”.

I think what you really need Britney is to grow up or get some parenting lessons. Lesson No 1, no heels when carrying a kid 😛

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