American Idol

Girls on top… 10

I have never experienced a love/hate relationship with Amer1can 1dol show before. I wasn’t thrilled with Amer1can 1dol 4 when Carrie Underwood won but I didn’t loathe it as much as I do with this season.

I blame it on the judges and the contestants. But mostly the judges.

But I love singing/talent shows so much that I can’t NOT watch this show. Especially when there are genuinely talented singers among the lot.

Anyway, I’d like to give my 2 cents worth on the Top 10 girls’ performances. Again, I only caught the show halfway through, when Stephanie was singing. *I am catching the repeat now*

So, here are my thoughts on the contestants. *Click their names for picture and bio*:

Stephanie Edwards -Dangerously in Love made popular by Beyonce Knowles
Surprise, surprise. I’m agreeing with Randy tonight. To her credit, DIL is a tough song to sing. But it’s also an awkward song and Beyonce has a weird way of singing her songs and Stephanie’s trying her best impression of Beyonce. Too Beyonce. Not good. Sounds fake. Sounds bad. I just didn’t like it. But she will be safe.

Leslie Hunt Feeling Good made popular by Michael Buble
I liked that they allowed her to showcase her nice tone in the beginning of the song. Then when the music came in, it turned for the worst. Her voice never “took off”, like a balloon that you’re trying to inflate but won’t get any bigger because you keep on swallowing your own breath.
The scatting was quite creative but it could barely mask her frail voice which tends to be pitchey when she tries to shout a bit. I can’t be bothered with what Randy and Paula said. But Simon said that no one will remember her performance. Man, he really can’t stand this girl, can he?
I thought it was an “ok” performance bordering on “entertaining” and “good” but not good enough. It could be too late to try next week. If Leslie leaves the show, she can blame Antonella – who will stay in the show because she has some pictures being circulated over the Net and she looks like the young Cindy C.

Sabrina Sloan– All The Man That I Need made popular by Whitney Houston
I’ve never really heard this girl sing but I trusted Mspillay when she said Sabrina’s the AI6’s version of Nadia Turner and Lisa Tucker – apparently good but we can’t relate to them. This means, she can be as good as heck but I’d never be able to see it.
When I saw her sing tonight, I understand completely what mspillay was trying to say. She has that shrilly voice that Kamm hates so much. It’s the kind of voice that borders the fine line between “wow, that’s amazing!” and “ouch, that hurt my ears”. Her last note was so atrocious it was an insult to the grand stage that she was standing on. I mean, how dare she make that horrible note on the very stage my Elliott Yamin earned the “potential the best male singer in all of American Idol” compliment!. Predictably, Randy loved it and so did Paula (so what’s new?). Simon (God bless him) said: “Don’t confuse power voice with shouting”. But we all KNOW that Sabrina’s fan will ignore that horrible note and vote for her to stay.

Haley Scarnato – Queen Of The Night made popular by Whitney Houston
What’s up with the Whitney reprisals? Did I miss the memo about this being Whitney Houston night and not “dedication week”? Anyhow, Haley ignored the (unwritten) “no diva songs” rule of being on AI – i.e no Mariah, Whitney, Celine etc or risked being labelled “not even close to the original singer” – and did a Whitney (I don’t mean in the context of her doing drugs). She took the risk and failed. I personally don’t like her voice. I thought she sounded like an inferior version of Olivia Newton John.
I can’t remember what Randy said but Paula thought it was a positive performance because Haley showed her personality and had fun on stage. Oh, that’s right. Randy said, “You must be having a good time on stage” but then proceeded to say that it didn’t work for him. Then he commented on how Haley relied on the back up singers too much and didn’t do all the singing like she’s supposed to. After that Simon interjected with “that’s probably why she chose the song – because she didn’t have to sing it in full” or something. Then Simon basically said that he hated it and Haley cried. What? Did she expect Simon to love her performance? She should have know better.

I saw clips of the others singing their songs.

Melinda (My Funny Valentine) and Lakisha (Midnight Train to Memphis) sounded great, as per usual. They’re definitely safe.

Jordin sang Reflection by Christina Aguilera and I think she sucked a bit. But she’s still safe. Note to Jordin: Stop fancying yourself as Christina A and you’ll go far in the competition and life.

Antonella sang a stiff/shakey rendition of Because You Loved by Celine Dion. My initial reaction to her clip was “Someone get her OUT of the competition!” She sucked even worst than last week and “poor” girl (yeah right!) can’t blame her nerves anymore. Too late, people already know that you’ve taken “naughty” pictures AND you suck at singing! I think she’ll stay and I will hate her for that. If she leaves, I’ll be shocked but elated.

I heard Alaina’s clip of Not Ready To Make Nice by Dixie Chicks and thought it was another inferior remake. I like her hair but I don’t think her hair will take her very far in this competition. Sorry!

I am again NOT impressed by Gina Glocksen. She has a powerful voice but so what? Her vocal quality is akin to Kelly Clarkson’s in her first album and that is NOT a compliment. Plus, she has this abrasive, grating personality that makes me innately want to be her enemy. But I think she’ll go through to the next round. Oh go ahead and pick her, if you absolutely must…

…. because this is American Idol.

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