Honesty is always the best policy

It is. But on the Internet, it’s so easy to fib about everything. I admit that sometimes you have to lie, especially when you’re chatting with a stranger who starts asking you all these questions. When you feel that the other person is coming on to you, you tell them that you’re married to a workaholic reporter or something 😛 just to get the person off your back.

Now, I don’t condone lying. But if you must, absolutely must lie to save your @ss, be smart about it. Whatever you do, don’t follow her example.

Suz1e Uda N@gu: hi!
Suz1e Uda N@gu: sorry to interrupt but are u the girl from Berahi blog?
Tengku Ash1qeen: yes
Suz1e Uda N@gu: cool! I used to read ur blog. I like your writing style.
Suz1e Uda N@gu: I think u should write a novel or something
Tengku Ash1qeen: yes
Tengku Ash1qeen: my fantasy is everywhere
Tengku Ash1qeen: in my blog…
Tengku Ash1qeen: in my heart
Suz1e Uda N@gu: my friend chatted with you before. maybe 2 months ago. she said that u are in the States. Which part?
Tengku Ash1qeen: alabama
Tengku Ash1qeen: where r u
Suz1e Uda N@gu: kl. what time is it there now?
Tengku Ash1qeen: 2.05 am
Tengku Ash1qeen: kl? which part?
Suz1e Uda N@gu: bangsar. i’m at work. nst, jln bgsr.
Tengku Ash1qeen: owh
Suz1e Uda N@gu: so, how long have u been in Alabama, and studying I presume?
Tengku Ash1qeen: working for maskargo malaysia
Suz1e Uda N@gu: ye ke? that’s cool.
Suz1e Uda N@gu: how long already?
Tengku Ash1qeen: 3 years
Suz1e Uda N@gu: that’s quite long. have u been back to msia since?
Tengku Ash1qeen: december 2006 hari raya
Suz1e Uda N@gu: kg kat mana?
Tengku Ash1qeen: damansara
Suz1e Uda N@gu: wht’s ur work schedule like?
Tengku Ash1qeen: operation
Tengku Ash1qeen: handling cargo from/to malaysia-alabama
Tengku Ash1qeen: + domestic also
Suz1e Uda N@gu: ok. what i meant was your working hours, and whether u work shifts or not. because it is kind of late for you to be up if you’re working normal office hours tomorrow right
Tengku Ash1qeen: aha… it’s 2.20 am now
Suz1e Uda N@gu: well, it was nice chatting with you…
Suz1e Uda N@gu: sorry to bother u..
Suz1e Uda N@gu
: take care!
Suz1e Uda N@gu: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/results.html?query=alabama
Suz1e Uda N@gu: Alabama, US — Current local time: 8:19 PM on Sunday, February 25
According to http://www.google.com

*Don’t know what I am talking about?

Well, here is a little background. Around Raya last year, Princess chatted with this girl on YM. The girl claimed she was in the States etc. But something made Princess doubt that she was telling the whole truth and nothing but. Princess told me about her chat and gave me the girl’s YM id. I added her and completely forgot about this girl until today when I saw her online. I decided to chat with her. But I am in a sneaky mood today so I decided to “test” her to see if she’s genuine. She fell for the “what time is it there now” test. She said it was 2 am but in actuality, it is only 8 something in Alabama when we chatted. Haha… works everytime 😛

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