Some people wait a lifetime, for a (Grammy) moment like this.

I missed the Grammy’s last week but thanks to Ares, I was able to see some of the more important performances/videos including the My Grammy Moment performance. My Grammy Moment is a contest where one lucky amateur singer – who auditioned – gets to perform live on stage on Grammy night with none other than Just1n T1mberlake – one of my favourite singers. I read about it some time back but didn’t pay attention to it or even remembered about it until yesterday (when I had the urge to see Grammy performances that I missed).

Anyhow, the winner was Robyn Troup, who was apparently dropped from American Idol 6 during the Hollywood Week. Hmmm…

Since she performed all right on Grammy night, everyone’s questioning the credibility of the AI judges (not that they haven’t before). The Q on everyone’s mind is, how come she was rejected when she sounded great on TV?

I do agree that she sounded great for most part of the two songs – Ain’t No Sunshine and My Love. She looked comfortable on stage, she didn’t seem to be nervous. That’s probably because they rehearsed a lot. I dunno.

But what I do know is that she didn’t start the first song too well. But she does have a powerful voice. She’s like N1kk1 Pal1kat of Malaysian Idol, she’s got problems with vocal control (I don’t now about now but she had it before).

As to why the judges thought she was not Idol material, I think there are several reasons to that.

1. Simon (of all the judges) probably noticed what I noticed about her voice.

2. There was a quota to fill and with other better African American female singers around (read: Lakisha, Melinda and Stephanie), she just didn’t cut it.

3. Her rezeki/luck/fate was not in American Idol. This is to me the most important part of the equation to make it anywhere. She was meant to win the My Grammy Moment contest, which is (arguably) the best exposure any budding singer can get. Think about the number of record producers who were watching her last night in the audience. If she had been in American Idol, there was no way she could get this chance.

I wish Robyn all the best in her career. But I personally believe that the American Idol contestants are better off because I think of the show as a performing arts school. It’s where singers learn to improve their singing skills. It’s where they build up their confidence and gain fanbase – regardless of whether they are truly great singers or just mediocre performers. When you’re trying to sell albums, you need that fan base. There’s no quicker, better, more effective way to gain them than being on TV every week. It certainly creates a bigger impact than appearing on one big show – once.

Good luck Robyn because you’ll need it.


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