First Execution

I just found out that the Indian guy — with the Indian/British accent — in Her0es is actually… an American! Well, he sure fooled me. His actual name is Sendhil Ramamurthy. He’s quite cute 🙂

Anyhow, I am watching American Idol: First Execution. Paul K1m just got booted and sang his swan song – Careless Whispers. It sounded as if he was breathless for the most part of the song. I have to give him credit for ad-libing but one ad-lib towards the end of the song sounded off-key. Actually, he had to work his way around the low notes which he shouldn’t need to if he had taken better care to choose a song that suits his key. This is not a George Michael or 80s ballad week or anything. So, he has only himself to blame.

Having said that, I agree with Paula that his voice would sound great on radio.

I just saw Amy Krebb singing HER swan song, I Can’t Make You Love Me. I can tell she is a fan of Mariah Carey. But what’s weird is she has a country-twang 🙂 Although S1mon keeps on saying that she is forgettable, I think she has some memorable qualities in her. I’ve always thought that she looked familiar. Now I know who she looks like. She looks like the younger Christine Baranski – her nose and eyes.

I do like her tone but her voice sounded shaky, like she was going to cry, although her eyes weren’t welling with tears.

Fantasia’s singing right now, a single from her latest album. She’s singing

I’m beautiful and I am here.

Yeah, the contestants could use that mantra 😛 Fantasia again gives this year’s Top 24 contestants a lesson or two on showmanship and making the stage one’s home.

Another two contestants are going to get the boot. And apparently, Chris Doughtry is singing after that. Can’t wait. Now, why didn’t Elliott come out with his single faster. He could have sung tonight… 🙂

Alright, back to the show. Nicole – all hell breaks loose – Tranquillo was just told that she has to go home. Here’s her scary/painful (I can’t decide) version of that Chaka Khan song, Stay. How ironic because Americans were urging her to leave *giggles*. She sounds like she’s singing along to her favourite song on Mp3 player with her earphone and the volume too loud. Translation = she’s singing off key but because she can’t hear herself, she thinks she’s one helluva singer. She really broke the record for the worst performance during a “Workshop” week EVER.

From what I read, Rudy Cardenas actually sang his swan song quite well. I will be the judge of that. And my verdict is…an OK singer. His voice is reminiscent of Clay Aitken. His range is quite wide, he can hit high notes, but his falsettos sound forced, unlike Clay, who has a really nice, booming Broadway voice.

Ok, so where is Chris Doughtry? Oh wait, the show is over. Oh, I get it. The producers used Chris’s SONG for the”flashback” clips of the 4 rejects. Hrmphhhh.

OK. That’s the end of my simulblog. Good night folks because THIS is Amer1can 1dol.

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