American Idol

Amer1can 1dol is baack!

It was only a matter of time before I gave my two cents’ worth on Amer1can 1dol 6. I’ve been reading Jenn1fer again since “Hollywood week”. It’s always fun reading her simultaneous comments on the show. She’s normally spot on – something like S1mon C0well. She shares my taste in music and she reads people like I do. Best of all, she also adores Ell1ot Yam1n 🙂 I think that if we meet in real life, we could be good friends *grins*

Anyway, I’m watching the show now and am attempting to write my thoughts about it like how Jenn1fer did earlier today.

Again, I missed half of the show. But I share Jenn1fer’s sentiments on a lot of the performances.

The bad:
1. Nicole Tranquillo was pitchey all over. Simon said it was indulgent. In Malay that would mean “syok sendiri”. Hahahaha.
2. Ala1na “crybaby/floodgates” Alexander’s singing was also all over the place.
3. Haley Scarnato was also pretty bad.

The weird:

1. Maybe Leslie Hunt. She thinks she’s quaint but she’s just weird.

The good:

1. All the black girls. My ultimate favourite is Melinda. I also like Lakisha but I think Melinda has better vocal control than Lakisha. And I think Melinda is the American Idol.

Actually, it kind of sucks not having a male contestant to drool/coo over. Blake has potentials but tsk…. I dunno….

Oh well. I’m going to Rickey’s to watch the AI videos again. Toodaloo!


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