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Holidays come and holidays go.

My nine-day break is coming to an end. *Sigh*. Bestnya kalau boleh extend lagi leave.

But I don’t regret anything about my semi-long break. I did a little bit of everything.

First things first, I snuck in some work. Well, I just did transcribing to get the necessary evil out of the way. Then I caught up with some of the TV shows that I have been missing, including 0prah – I haven’t seen this in six months or something – , Heroes on HB0 and Amer1can 1dol. I saw two episodes of Gr3y’s Anat0my and loved them. Funny because I didn’t really like the show before. Maybe I was put off by Grac3 when she was really into that doctor – McDreamy or something. But the episode I saw, about Grac3 giving her pet dog to that doctor, was quite alright.

I still like N1p/Tuck better, though. N1p/Tuck reminds me a lot of CS1: Cr1me Scene 1nvestigations. The patients that make an appearance in the show make you go “wow!” Like the episode about the male model who was sodomised and had his face cut by his attacker who went to the plastic surgeons for reconstructive surgery today. Yikes! but wow!

I’m beginning to like Her0es, too. I’ve only seen one episode [last week’s where the Japanese guy flies to NY to stop the city that never sleeps from being blown to smithereens]. I can’t wait to see the next one tomorrow night. I also want to catch the previous episodes.

I’m not too sure which episode that I saw last week – my hunch says it’s the fourth – so I just downloaded the pilot and the two subsequent shows from Ar3s (episode 3 is ready, the rest is still downloading). I refuse to download episode four and so on because, where’s the thrill in that? Besides, I don’t want to download too many videos on my laptop. The only episodes of Heroes that I’m downloading in the future are the ones that I missed.

Anyway, I finished Shopaholic and Baby. As always, it was another brilliant creation of Sophie Kinsella. I must have been PMS-ing when I read the book because I swear I was extra sensitive/emotional when I was reading it 😛

It did make me think about whether I was ready for motherhood. I’m still in two minds about that. Kamm asked me if I found out that I was pregnant tomorrow, how would I react? I told her that no one can ever plan these things. Like, how do you plan for a freak accident – involving a wet pair of slippers – that causes you to fracture our shin/ankle bone? *It happened to Faridz’s friend this afternoon. It was rainy and she rushed out to pick up her slippers, not wanting them to be wet. She then actually stepped on a wet slipper, slipped, fell and fractured some bones which requires a surgery and her walking with a crutch for the next three weeks*

So, anyway, if it happened tomorrow, I’ll be happy. Really. If it doesn’t, maybe some other day.

What else did I do during my break? Of course, I went back to my hometown and spent some time with my family. My parents are fine and keeping busy with everyday life. Life in a small town is quite alright actually. Wake up, do some house chores, cook, eat, watch TV, have afternoon tea, dinner, Tv and sleep again. I could get used to that 🙂

Also, I went to Aquaria on CNY eve. Do not miss the ride on the walkalator and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over gigantic sharks, stingrays, blow fish and more that swim over your head. It was the coolest experience. We were there during feeding time and one of the divers/workers wore a Prosperity God costume over his diving suit. Haha. Funny he didn’t scare the fishes away 🙂

Well, that was my holiday. I’ve got a lot to look forward to this week. There’s the next episode of Heroes, American Idol Top 12 Girls night (performance) and my 29th birthday this weekend. Can’t wait!



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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