I’m going on leave! For 10 days! *shriek*

I so need a break right now. It feels like I’ve been working non-stop and producing four cover stories for every single week. In reality, I’ve produced four covers in six weeks. Two back to back with a 2-week rest in between. That’s pretty much the same, isn’t it?

I don’t have any plans about what I want to do. All I know is I need a break from the office. I need some TLC. Maybe a spa treatment or a massage or something. Something that’ll make me come back to work feeling all good and motivated again … like that nice first-day-of-school feeling when we were in primary school.

I would like to go back to my hometown and see my parents before CNY. But I don’t want to miss my new yoga class again! I missed the one on Thursday because I had to accompany my boss to a business lunch. I really do enjoy the class and I know yoga’ll do me some good. Well, let me think about it.

But what sucks about my being away from the office is my having to do work. That’s one of the things that I least like about being at my desk. It’s impossible to have absolutely nothing to do. There is always something on your plate. Sometimes you leave them too long (on the plate) and they become stale.

So trust that as I go on leave, I’ll be sneaking in some work here and there. I can’t help it. It only gets worst if I ignore it. So, I may as well deal with it slowly but surely.

Before I allow work to encroach in my ME time, I shall at least enjoy this weekend work free. There’s more to life than work you now, even if for a weekend…


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