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Afternoon workout

I can’t quite describe how I feel (physically) right now. The feeling is probably a cross between after a good 5-mile run and someone had told me that I had won free RM1,000 shopping vouchers 🙂 Tired but happy but not delirious.

I have my 1-hour yoga class at the office just now to thank for this surge of adrenalin and endorphin in my body.

Today’s the first of the twice-weekly, one-hour yoga class for the reporters. The class starts at 12.30pm – sharp mind you. I joined the class when it had already started so I didn’t catch the instructors name. But was informed that he is a columnist with LnT. For now, let’s call him Yogi.

Anyway, as expected, Yogi has the physique of a gym rat. But the intricate tribal tattoos on his back and biceps belies the fact that he practices yoga and pilates. I don’t know why but I was half expecting a woman instructor to run the class.

For the first class, Yogi wanted to gauge our fitness level and gave us some “tests”. He didn’t waste much time teaching us just the “beginners” level. We soon found out that this was no “Yoga 101” but more of “Intermediate-Advance yoga”. But it’s fine by me because, although I hardly practice it at home, I already know the poses and have an idea of how the proper body form should look. I discovered from Yogi that I had tightened my shoulders during one pose – he came and reminded me not to hunch them. So after that I was more aware of shoulders.

We warmed up with a couple of Sun salutations and after that moved on to doing movements to strengthen the upper body, then lower body and later the core (stomach). For the stomach area, Yogi infused some aspects of pilates – such as the 100s etc.

I didn’t have much problem with balancing but I kind of suck at push-ups and core conditioning exercises. Z33n33 says the latter has to do with the fat accumulated near our mid-riff. Maybe…

But I gave my 110 pc best and am proud of myself for surviving the class. It was agony doing the push ups and holding the positions – they really burn your muscle!! – but I kind of enjoy it actually.

I’ll admit that it was tiring but I didn’t sweat much. Not enough to warrant a shower or even a quick wipe with a hand towel. But I feel my bicep muscles getting firmer. Still flabby on the outside but a little firmer on the inside 🙂

I’m looking forward to the next class actually. Bring it on, baby!


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