It’s getting old


My Nokia E70 is dented and scratched AND it was my fault!

Forget that the dent and scratch are only visible when you really peer at my phone. Forget that if I “forget” to mention it, no one would notice. But what’s the use of that because what matters is…. I know that it’s dented and scratched … and I will always be reminded of my clumsiness whenever I see it ;(

It happened when I was having lunch at c18 with far1dz and the phone slipped from my hand and knocked the table. I would say it was a minor knock but the impact was enough to dent and scratch it. %$#@*!!!

It’s funny how a minor knock can create a blemish on my phone. I had actually dropped my phone the second day I bought it. It fell of my lap – when I was getting up from a chair – and onto the road (I was at a stall by the road). But nothing happened to it because it was in my black padded case. Shhh! No one knows this until now, not even my husband, so don’t tell!

So I guess my phone’s natural process of wear and tear has actually begun. Soon, it’ll have scratches somewhere else, then the numbers and letters on the keypad will fade and so on and so forth.

Until one day, it’s time to get a new phone. The iphone perhaps? 😛


1 thought on “It’s getting old”

  1. Sorry to hear about your phone 😦 I know how much you love it. But Harlan’s new Nokia is also recently got scratched, maybe it’s a Nokia thing? 😛
    Anyway, any news on Guitar Hero??
    P.S: 2.5 weeks left before I got to Msia!!

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