Theme of the year

I think I’m going to follow Ridzwan’s advice and select a theme, rather than a list of NY’s resolution, this year.

I’ve decided that my theme will be “giving my 110 percent”.

To me, it simply means shutting out all other distractions to give my fullest attention to what I am doing. It could be having a meal peacefully and not trying to read something at the same time. Or, focusing on having a guilt-free weekend rather than thinking about or attempting to do work half of the time.

I think “giving my 110 percent” sums up pretty much everything that I should aspire to be/do. If I don’t do something that I ought to, that means I’m not “giving my 110 percent”. For eg. If I’m not eating well or exercising, I’m not giving my 110 percent. If I allow myself to be taken advantage of, I am not giving my 110 percent either – in the sense that I’m not doing the best for my welfare.

Giving my 110 percent isn’t about pleasing others but about doing the best for me. Because I deserve the best and I can only get the best if I give “my 110 percent”. After all, you only get as much as you give.

So, wish me luck with my theme this year!


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