Was she born w1th 1t?

I have a correction to make. S1t1 Nord1ana DID NOT sing at An*as’ wedding. But 1ntan Saraf1na did.

And Princess, I actually sang but AFTER the wedding ended, when most guests were making their way out of the Dew*an Perda*na Fel*da. I sang Mengh1tung Har1 and forgot most of the lyrics.

Hey, wasn’t my fault! The band didn’t know how to play most of the songs I knew. Point is, I sang, as my family members had wanted me to. Relatives from the groom’s father’s side (from Perak) actually loved my flawed performance 😛 I think I nailed the chorus really well, siap adlib gaya sendiri, because I remembered the words hehehehe.

As I write this, I think An*as and A1reen are either at KLIA or on board a flight to Spain for their honeymoon. This is probably why they chose to have the reception on a Thursday night. Eh, wait a minute, isn’t Kamm and H going to Spain too? I have to check Kamm’s blog again.

Speaking of travelling to Europe, Sh*ah’s going “back home” to France tomorrow. Lucky devil!

I found out about his trip when I sms-ed him this afternoon to ask him why the artist he’s managing (seemed to have) lost out to a certain local celebrity _ whom we shall call g1rlg1rl _ as the face of maybeshewasbornwithit. I was quite curious because he often tells me that moviewise, g1rlg1rl gets whatever roles that his artiste refuses. Basically, he’s suggesting that she’s always the second fiddle, the second choice.

But takkanlah his artiste turned down this once-in-a-lifetime deal?

He thinks that his artiste’s ongoing cat fight court case could be the reason. Yeah, which product wants to be dragged into such a controversy eh?

If this is true, I think it’s such a pity. I actually prefer Sh*ah’s artiste to g1irlg1rl. G1rlg1rl may have a habit (don’t ask me to explain this here) but at least she doesn’t have a “case”.

I’m actually quite sad to know that my fave singer’s contract has been terminated. My take is, apart from the fact that she’s been “too” long with the company, it may have something to do with her marital status.

I think maybell1ne’s ideal spokesperson is a single PYT. Let’s face it, at 27, one is considered old in the beauty industry.

I mean, Chr1sty Turl1ngton’s no longer the face of the product for a reason. Instead, we see Jos1e Maran and Zhang Zh1 Y1.

Guess I have to get used to seeing g1rlg1rl’s prancing about on TV promoting one of my favorite brands now. Ah well….


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