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Nyah, mak kena make up sendiri!

I have a strange habit when I go shopping. If I think I can’t afford to buy something in a particular store, I wouldn’t go in. I’d rather stand outside and admire the stuff from far.

This goes for everything – clothes, handbags, makeup, watch, jewellery, you name it.

When I feel a little “adventurous” I would go in and try the clothes. But that doesn’t happen very often.

Although it sounds like a practical thing to do – it saves you from the heartache of trying on the dress, finding that it fits you real nice but you can’t afford it.

But sometimes, it is a silly thing to do. Some stores look grand but they actually have stuff that you can actually afford. Not going in for a look-see will cause you to lose out on great discounts, for instance.

If I didn’t go into this new cosmetics store called El1anto, I wouldn’t know that the make-up there is dirt cheap. Actually, suspiciously cheap. Lip glosses going for RM7, blusher for RM12, foundation for RM20. Hey, this is cheaper than S1lkyg1rl man!

El1anto is a Korean brand and it’s from the same company as Bon1ta (bags and accesories store). But I have to say the prices at Bon1ta is way more expensive.

Anyway, I went to an El1anto store in Shah Alam and bought myself a set of makeup brushes for Rm48 for 5-brushes. I’d have to say the quality isn’t half bad. The brush bristles are so soft. The brush set comes in a pink case – the brush handles are pink too. Oklah, I am a sucker for pink stuff. Sucka!

I’ve been meaning to get myself a set of makeup brushes and contemplated of buying the ones product by M*A*C. But very expensivelah… So, I’ll just have to settle for El1anto. Takpelah. Bukan professional makeup artist pun…

Speaking of makeup artists, my brother can’t make me up tomorrow for Anas’ wedding. *He’s a part-time make-up artist and he made me up for my akad nikah in April.* Looks like I’ll have to “paint” my face myself. Now that I’ve bought the brush set, I actually have the proper tools.

But I still have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my hair!

The quickest solution is to iron-straighten it. After a few hours of exposure to humidity, it’ll go back to its curly self – only less curly but more wavy, just the way I like it.

Anyway, I better run and practice my song. I really hope combo R*T*M can play Alicia Keys because otherwise sia-sia aje aku practice and hafal lyrics every day.

Actually, I don’t really care about singing. I’d rather NOT sing because people are probably going to think that I perasan bagus or something. Well at least I get a day off. But will be back to work on Friday.

I’ll tell you how it goes on Friday!


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